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I have a small restaurant, my chef has been working for me less than three months, our concept does not match at all, it becomes a pain in the neck now, I want to teminate him questions are as below.

1. Since he is working for less than three months, I don't need to give him a notice or give him termination pay w/t any notice, right?

2.Do I need to send him an emil or I can tell him directly? Do I need to have a witness or no?

3)What do i nee to prepare to terminate him?

Thank you

with respect to your questions:

1) Even if he has only worked three months, unless you have a contract with a probationary period clause then he is still entitled to common law notice or payment in lieu thereof;
2) You dont need a witness and the method in which you terminate the employee is not determined by the law;
3) you would need to provide him with a record of employment, payment of all accrued wages and vacation pay, and his final paystub.
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