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I've worked for a company as a delivery driver since December 2018. My manager suddenly changed my job description (which is not in writing) by suddenly wanting me to account for every minute of my day, documenting each and every move I make on paper (essentially looking at a clock a hundred times a day). This is something that causes me anxiety and stress and is counter productive to my position. I deliver goods and this would affect my well being and focus on the job and my safety of having to focus on the road (I deliver often in the downtown Toronto core). I told her that she can't legally change my job description without a negotiation, a pay increase. Suddenly she's cut my hours as I have worked every Thursday since day one and that's been taken away from me and given to another driver. She knows how tight I am with my bills. I'm now in a stressful situation of having to find new employment because I can't afford to work there. What's my rights concerning this situation? Thank you

If your employer has cut your hours then this could constitute a constructive dismissal, allowing you to treat this as a termination and entitling you to a severance package. please use the following link to determine your entitlements upon termination ( and then contact us at the number below for a consultation with a lawyer to discuss your employment situation.
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