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I am working for a physio clinic and the owner is very rude and dosnt give me breaks i have to run back throw something in my mouth and come right back or i get told not to leave, if i go to the bathroom i get scolded for leving when the clients are waiting i cant take a day off work for being sick or ill get a text from the owner scolding me saying how could you do this on a busy night . I am stressed and sick because of stress at work. I am on medication for depression and anxiety because of where and who i work with. What can i do and my co worker got told to go home for going to the bathroom and not answering the phone right away

Thanks for writing to us. Based on what you have described, it appears as though your employer is not providing a safe workplace. I suggest that you contact us at the number below to provide us with more details about your situation and discuss your options with a lawyer. We would be happy to help you in any way that we can.
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