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Good afternoon, I have had a leg injury and now working from home 5 days a week. My employer has asked me to fill an Attending Physician Statement form for me to work from home for next 2 or 3 weeks. My role is not an office role and prior to this I have always worked from home all 5 days a week since I Joined in January 2022. They only started 3 days office since March 1st. My question is do I need to submit the attending physician statement form as I am not asking for any absence of STD leave. Please can you guide me.


The purpose of an Attending Physician Statement is to allow the employer to evaluate your restrictions and assess which accommodations are best suited for you. They are often used when an employee is seeking a workplace accommodation, including short term disability.

In this case, it is not clear if you have asked for any type of workplace accommodation. If you have (for instance if you need to work from home rather than the office for three weeks), then you should have your doctor fill out the form. If you do not need an accommodation due to your leg injury and can do all aspects of your job without restriction, then I would recommend you ask your employer for the purpose of the statement.


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