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I'm in a hybrid role where I work from home 2 days a week and 3 days in the office. Last week my father had a heart attack and I am requesting if I can fully work from home until he gets better (he is still in the hospital). He also helps and takes care of my daughter while I am in the office (as I can't afford daycare). Can they say no and make me use my vacation days even though I worked from home for 3 yrs during covid?


Your employer may be required to provide you with an accommodation based on your family status. If you no longer have a caregiver to take care of your daughter and there is no one to replace your father, then your employer will be required to accommodate you to the point of undue hardship.

One way that the employer can accommodate you is by providing you with a leave of absence if you would not be able to care for your father and daughter and also perform your work duties. An alternative would be to let you use your vacation prior to going onto unpaid leave.


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