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What is my obligation to my employee, if a complaint is made against them that seems like harassment to get the employee in trouble or fired? From what the complainant said, the employee has been challenging and harassing him through social media. He sent screenshot copies of the social media statements he was concerned about. From what was received, I don't see that she said anything inappropriate, rather asked him, who is a political leader, to do his job better. This is from the one article that was provided. Its not in employee’s character to be publicly inappropriate, but it is a concern for the society, and because of the political nature, its more concerning. There’s not enough information to really make an informed decision. Being that he called her employment to complain, he wanted her to be in trouble, and or fired. I don’t know if it escalates the situation. He wanted some kind of punitive action against her.

An employer has an obligation to investigate the alleged harassment. The investigator should be done by a neutral party, such as a human resources representative or hiring an external third party. The investigation should include interviewing both the complainant and the respondent to get their side of the story, and potentially other employees who may have relevant information about the alleged harassment.
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