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I started working for Stoney lake cruises on June 5. 2019 since then I have only been given $600 in an etransfer because I told the owner that I was going to lose my car. I messaged the owner / Captain on August 31 and told him that if I did not get a payI would not be in the following day Sept1st this morning I got a private message saying I was fired due to numerous infractions he didn’t say what but I have the contract and he is lying. He owes me to date 4800 plus and my friend 1800 plus but always gives excuses come pay day and we were gullible to believe him. I need some help please

This is something that one of our Paralegals or lawyers would need to review/discuss further with you to determine whether we are able to assist. It may be something worth pursuing through the Ministry of labour, however, it is always a good idea to review with a lawyer before you make that decision to ensure you are not waiving any common law severance entitlements. If you would like to schedule a consult with one of our lawyers please contact the number below.
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