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I stopped work due to COVID 19 because felt not safe in my working place. I worked as security guard in Safeway store and was not provided masks only gloves. I was asked by management to approach to every customer ang give them sanitazing napkins. So I was in contact with hundreds people without PPE and was afraid of being infected. My girlfriend has chronic lungs condition. It was in March, highest level of COVID 19 epidemic. I informed my boss a day before my shift that I cannot work but did not receive any reply. Later I knew that he dismissed me, but I have no documentation about this. I didn't do formal work refusal , I didn't know about this. I applied for CERB and got money. Am I eligible? If not when I need to return money?

When you leave a job, your employer is required to provide you with a Record of Employment (ROE). If you have not been provided with that, but as you suggest, you have in fact been terminated, you should be able to access the ROE through Service Canada - they have an online portal that should permit you to view and/or print your ROE. If no ROE has been issued with respect to the employer, then you should contact the Human Resources department there immediately to gain clarity on this situation.

If you were laid off or terminated during the COVID period (which it appears you were based on your indication that this occurred in March) then you should qualify for CERB. It is a benefit intended to assist people who lose their jobs, have significant changes in income, or have caregiver obligations during this period in time. As long as you do not have other income which exceeds $1000.00 per month, it would appear that you are entitled to the benefit. This conclusion is based purely on the information provided to above. Assuming you qualify as per above, then you do not need to return the money. I note, however, that the CERB payments are tax-deferred so you get the full value now, but will pay the taxes due on that money when you do your 2020 income taxes.
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