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A colleague of mine was terminated during her probation period. It is a therapy centre where we have a cost sharing agreement contract which mentions founders and cost sharers. Founders do not need cost sharers agreement to terminate a cost sharer. My colleague had nothing in writing as it was a verbal agreement to give her a probation period. One of the founders mentioned to me that one of the difficulties was that the person was harder to communicate with as she is Eastern European (she is fluent in English and has her qualifications from an English speaking university). There was no attempt to communicate with my colleague around the issues that the founders saw and no conflict resolution or anti harassment policy. The contract is silent on the issue of fees which each cost sharer can charge. The founders felt my colleague was charging too much and then pressured her to change her price when she refused they terminated her. Apart from being very badly managed is there any legal protection for my colleague in terms of race or harassment around fees in this case. Thanks in advance,

Your colleague may have grounds for a human rights claim as well as a potential wrongful dismissal. We can assess the merits of her case but we need more particulars about the terms of her engagement at the centre. I encourage her to contact us at the number below to set up a call with one of our lawyers who will assess her entitlements and damages and advise her on next steps.
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