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I took a leave of absence which was also suggested by my employer for stress leave. Total time off has been 12 weeks. Was able to return to work today June 24th advise to my employer I would be returning they agreed. I had sent my letter from the doctors saying I was good to go for the 24th. Message was received Friday evening from my employer asking me to return to D corporate office instead of the dispatch office 4th June 24th 8:30 in the morning. At that point I assumed there was going to be an issue and that the possibility of them letting me go was there due to the location for me to come to. When I went into the office this morning at the request of time I was advised that my appointment was be terminated immediately. The reason for that being they did not feel I should handle the additional worker that they had added on to this position. I did receive severance package I wanted to know what I was entitled to to compare to what I was given before I signed any papers from my employer I worked for this company between 10 and 11 years and is the trucking industry third-party logistics company there is no Union and they are over 20 million dollar annual payroll. Can you advise what I should expect for a compensation package. To be able to be unemployed financially I struggle dire need of getting back on the payroll for survival. 63 years old to be 64 in September this will not be easy for me to replace this job at this stage of my life but I do need full-time employment advise ASAP Thank you
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