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My company handed me two days ago a Termination Letter without cause six months after they hired me. They verbally told me they are "restructuring" and my being the most junior in the department was the only reason why it was me. During my hiring interview with them, they told me they were restructuring and they need a new person for this permanent position I was applying for. I would never have left my previous job if I have known they will terminate me without cause six months after. Prior to this, the person doing the same job I was hired for is coming back from maternity leave the following week. Is this a just dismissal? As I have said, I left my previous company where I was employed for 4 yrs for this permanent position my new company offered me.

Thank you for your question. My name is Jon Pinkus and I am an employment lawyer at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP.

Depending on whether you signed an employment agreement (and what is in that employment agreement), you could be owed a significant amount for severance. Given that you were induced from your previous employment, in many cases those years of service are be taken into account in the assessment of your overall entitlements.

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