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I was a contractor with DND-QETE for 4 months, as I was terminatedcbefore the end of the contract initially ending in December. I arrive home one day and the placement agency phones me that this was the last day, as the unit restructured, One week later, another placement agency employee sends out a job ad for the same contract, ending in December. Throughout my work time, I learned fast and was told that I improved my efficiency, My manager always said "you only do what I ask you to do", or "you only follow my directions" in a calibration unit that should have had a QMS and procedures for tests run by the employees. I only have the device manuals and manager had little or no time to train me as he was partially retiring and mentoring a new group leader. Why was I dismissed? Why was I treated like trash?

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An employer does not need a reason at law to terminate your employment, provided that they pay the proper severance. The issue is if they did not provide a sufficient severance package, you may be entitled to damages for wrongful dismissal.

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