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I had a conversation with my boss over text about getting more hours. I'm a part time waitress and she has been hiring other part time waitresses that are getting more hours than me. I asked her why this was the case and she came to the restaurant and fired me on the spot. Is this legal, and what action should I take?

Generally an employer may terminate an employee at any time, without even having to provide a reason why, as long as it is a 'without cause' termination and the employee is paid his or her termination entitlements.

If your employer is trying to allege cause for your termination, and taking the position it does not have to pay you anything, it is very unlikely the employer would be able to do so in the scenario you have presented. As such, you are likely owed severance stemming from your termination. It also appears the employer has engaged in some bad faith conduct in the manner in which it has carried out your termination, which could warrant additional damages.

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