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As an employee with a unionized company, do I have rights under the labor code of Ontario or am I limited to only what is agreed to by my union contract. I have concerns about ineffective representation from the union and find that if my concerns don't effect a committees representatives job, they have no interest in helping me but, want everyone to be on board or supportive of any grievance they may have. I have been listening to your radio and t.v programs lately and found them to be very informative.

Thank you for your question. We are pleased to hear that you have benefited from our programs. As a unionized employee, your employment relationship and workplace rights are governed by your collective agreement. Your union would therefore act as your legal representative with respect to any workplace issues and it should represent you with respect to any grievances. I recommend that you speak to your union representative about your concerns. If you do continue to experience issues, please do not hesitate to call us at the number below to discuss your situation in further detail.
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