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Can an employer fire you for testing positive for thc when a urine test is performed if cannabis is legal in Canada? I work 20 days on and 10 off. I consume cannabis on my days off. And do NOT at work. Can I be dismissed for this?

Generally speaking, what you do during your off-duty hours is none of your employer's business but there are important exceptions of which you need to be aware. For example, if having THC in your system interferes with the safe discharge of your job duties then that may lead to disciplinary action or even termination.

The nature of your job and/or the nature of your employer's business is a relevant issue in terms of assessing your legal position and whether a dismissal is justified.

This is a complex issue and I strongly encourage you to arrange for a proper legal consultation with us in order to understand your rights, especially if your employer has taken action against you.
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