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I am an employer with a renovation company. I ran out of work a couple of months ago and have nothing coming up. The last of my site employees was laid off a couple of months ago. I have since stopped taking any salary for myself. My ex common law partner has been employed as the bookkeeper for about 11 years. She continues to write herself cheques weekly for over $1200. My family lawyer says I should keep paying her for virtually doing nothing other than her cheques. the year end was September 30 and if the company owes taxes, they will be due on December 31. She has had the last 2.75 months to do the reconciling and still has not done it. I would also like to retire and pursue other interests. How would I end her employment and not face any penalties/

Thanks for writing to us. Given the circumstances, you would likely need to provide her with reasonable notice of her termination or payment in lieu thereof. We recommend that you call us at the number below in order to discuss the situation in further detail with a lawyer. We would be pleased to assist you with this matter.
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