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I missed two of my shifts due to a new full-time employment. However, I gave a one week notice on the circumstances to my casual employer. To which he said call in advance if I would be missing the second shift (I did call in advance). This all happened during my probation period and the employer listed an non-rehireable nation-wide in this retail store, didn't allow me to cover my remaining weekend shifts, and gave me the notice before the shift even started. I never missed other shifts, never lied, nor arrived late or had other issues. I understand the dismissal but why banning me? the punishment doesn't match the conflicting two shift schedule. Is this allowed?

Do-not-hire lists are not regulated unless they exclude individuals based on grounds protected under Human Rights legislation, such as gender, disability, marital status, etc. In the absence of discrimination based on one of the protected grounds you don't have legal recourse to challenge the employer's action other than to pursue payment in lieu of notice.
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