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I was let go after being praised about being the best worker. Finding the owners best friend was stealing from me for the majority of my employment. And I made it public to management he was stealing. With witnesses and requested resolution. After all that. I was accused of doing fraudulent transactions on the restaurants debit/credit machines. No evidence. No paper work. Just said i was being let go due to not being trustworthy. After working in the bar on my personal time building shelves and painting walls and putting up with the co worker stealing from me. And even being asked what I want done about the person stealing from me. As in they didn’t want to dismiss him. I felt beyond. Shadow of a doubt that I have the definition of constructive dismissal. Moved me all over the place on the schedule. And even took the good shifts I had away from me. And i was in aware as to why.

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If you have been terminated from your employment without cause and without a proper severance package, that could be a wrongful dismissal. If what they are saying is not true, then you could be owed compensation. A constructive dismissal is not applicable here because you have already been terminated (a constructive dismissal is when an employer refuses to acknowledge that you have been terminated, so you do not need to rely on this when the employer admits it is terminating your employment).

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