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Hi there. My question is with regards to a punch in / punch out system that my employer has recently set up. They are currently rounding our punch in to the 15 minute mark. So for example if I am to arrive at 6am and come at 6:01 my pay starts at 6:15. Is this legal? For punch out it's the same. If I am to punch out at 14:30 but punch out at 14:40 I do not get that 10 minutes pay. It's rounded down.
Thank you for your help.


Hi Jason, thanks for writing to us. In answer to your question, no this is not legal. You must be paid for time actually worked. If your employer refuses to correct the situation this may be considered a constructive dismissal and you would be owed severance. To get a sense of what you would be owed, I would encourage you to visit the severance pay calculator our firm has developed ( I would suggest calling us to book a consultation with one of our employment lawyers to discuss your options.
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