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one of my staffs at BMO sent a job letter to her mortgage broker which was given to her 11 months ago by the HR. She edited the date to a current date. We found out because the mortgage broker called HR and asked if the date on the letter was correct. Investigation started and HR had a meeting with my staff. My staff said she did not change anything else in the letter such as the salary and the tenure and it was just the date as she needed the letter immediately to find a place for rent. Could my staff get fired for this?

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Termination for cause is a high bar for an employer to meet. The employee's misconduct must be objectively serious. It is rare that an immediate dismissal for cause is appropriate in cases where there have been no prior warnings or progressive discipline.

When determining whether an employee's actions constitute cause for dismissal, the court's assessment is on a case by case basis. The context in each particular instance is key.

Based on the information you have provided (and assuming no prior instances of similar conduct) it is unlikely that there is a sufficient basis to terminate the employee for cause.
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