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I just got terminated as of Feb 13 at 4pm. My 3months was Feb 6th a week before.

I just filled out the employee group benefits Feb 8th. It was filed with Bluecross Feb 8th at 15:56 33. Back dated for Feb 6th.

My question in my termination letter it states that they will keep me enrolled in the group benefits for 1wk after my termination. (WHAT FOR?) PLUS With this plan I have to pay for the group benefit package out of my pocket the employer does not.

I emailed the VP and told them I do not want the benefit package as this will effect my 1 week severance pay decucting $170.
This $170 off my next pay was for the whole month. It hasn't even been a full week since I signed up for the benefits.
I told the VP I do not want any benefits and the VP said she has to keep me enrolled for 1wk after my term as it's the law.

The employment standards ministry of labour said ethically this is not right. They should just void the contract.

Do you think ethically they should void benefit contract due this circumstance? It hasn't been even a week and only one week after my 3mths. Can you help? I haven't signed the termination letter I have up to the 20th of Feburary.

I was going to try to make a meeting with VP as she is avoiding my email. I tried calling but she has not answered.


Your employer must continue benefits for the week. However, you may be owed additional severance pay. Please visit the Severance Calculator ( and contact our firm to discuss the matter in more detail.
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