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I have worked for Loblaw for 27 years. I manage one of their wholesale stores.I get an annual bonus based on sales and metrics that are set out by the company each year. That bonus is also based on the company meeting all of their objectives as well. I was on a medical leave this year and was off work for 5 months for a shoulder surgery that was caused by years of physical labour stocking shelves and lifting. When it comes time for my bonus payout, my 5 months off will be reduced from my pay out. This also happened on my 2 previous maternity leaves, these were reduced by 6 months each time. My question to you is should I be entitled to the full pay because the company accrues for it throughout the year. We bank funds all of 2017 to be paid out in 2018.

Hello Jennifer,

It would depend on the terms of the plan that governs the bonus payout but, generally speaking, if you were off of work then you dont have an entitlement to be paid during this period.
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