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Hello, my has been working for a company for 10 years, she has been off for three of those years on mat leave. On her last return her role was changed and given an new title. A few months later a new manager was hired to manage her team. The new mangager would always single out my wife for looking sad, tired, depressed. My wife then took some time off to take care of our last sonm he needed to have a surgery. When it was time to return after speaking to the new manager the impression was that she should not come back and stay off longer to take care of our son as a date was not confirmed for the surgery. After taking to the manager my wife decided to quit. Is there anything she is entitled to and would she qualify for EI?

Thank you for your question. Given the manager's conduct as described above, your wife's resignation may be considered a constructive dismissal and severance would be owed by the employer. I would encourage you to visit the severance pay calculator our firm has developed to see what your wife could be owed ( In addition, your wife may be entitled to human rights damages. I would encourage you to call us and set up a consultation with one of our employment lawyers who will fully review the matter.
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