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I have been working for a small store (owner and two employees including myself) since May. Doing approximately 30 hours a week.

I never signed a contract but was told it was for four days a week. The owner is now selling the shop but with a not very definite timeline. The new potential owner (a relative) keeps coming In and is keen to replace me.

After much questioning I have been told my job will probably go around end of November.

My question is, am I entitled to anything? She will just pay me the hours I’ve worked and no more. Also would I qualify for unemployment benefit under these circumstances.

It’s not a matter of affordability for the owner she is very wealthy and still owns another store in another party of Ontario.

If you have been terminated, then you are entitled to a fair severance package. Please use the following link to determine your entitlements ( and then contact us at the number below for a consultation with a lawyer to discuss your situation and options moving forward.
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